Engineering or technology is the making of things that did not previously exist, whereas science is the discovering of things that have long existed.  David Billington

STARS TO STEM Regional Planetarium

At the East Lyme High School • 30 Chesterfield Road • East Lyme, CT 06333
Winter 2024 Planetarium Series

Saturdays (February 3rd through March 16th)

To reserve your seats, send an email to 

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Pay at the door with cash, check, or through our PayPal link.  

Price of admission is $10.00 per person.  


February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 2, 9, and 16

One World, One Sky is a 27-minute full dome planetarium show that follows Sesame Street’s Big Bird and Elmo as they explore the night sky with Hu Hu Zhu, a Muppet from Zhima Jie, the Chinese co-production of Sesame Street. Together, they take an imaginary trip from Sesame Street to the moon, where they discover how different it is from Earth. At the end of the show, Big Bird, Elmo, and Hu Hu Zhu pick a friendship star to remind them that no matter how far apart they might be, they can always look into the night sky and cherish their shared memories.

One World, One Sky is a production of Adler Planetarium, Sesame Workshop, Beijing Planetarium, and Liberty Science Center and was produced with major support from the National Science Foundation. One World, One Sky is distributed by Loch Ness Productions.

Show times: 11 AM for neurodivergent children/adults and their families. 
2 PM show is for all audiences. 

February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 2, 9, and 16

Back to the Moon for Good In case you haven’t heard, the Moon is trending again… and in a big way. Narrated by Tim Allen (voice of Buzz Lightyear), this is a complete behind-the-scenes feature on the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the largest incentivized prize in history. Adapted from the award-winning digital planetarium show, the 24-minute movie chronicles 18 teams from around the world looking to make history by landing a privately funded robotic spacecraft on the Moon. This global competition is designed to spark imagination and inspire a renewed commitment to space exploration, not by governments or countries – but by the citizens of the world.

Show time: 12 PM 

February 3, 10, 17, 24 and March 2, 9, and 16

Dark Matter Mystery This 38-minute show focuses on exploring a Cosmic Secret: What does keep the universe together? What are the building blocks of the so called "glue" we have not found yet, that makes the universe look the way it looks today? This planetarium show takes you on astrophysics' biggest quest. You will see why we know that there must be dark matter at all and how this search becomes one of the most challenging and exciting searches astro particle physics has to offer. Join the scientists on their hunt for dark matter, may it be in space or deep underground. Will they be able to reveal the dark matter mystery?

Show time: 1 PM