Engineering or technology is the making of things that did not previously exist, whereas science is the discovering of things that have long existed.  David Billington

🍁🍂 FALL 2023 Planetarium Series 🍁🍂
Starting Friday, September 29, 2023*

Join us this fall on Fridays and Saturdays at the East Lyme High School Planetarium! STARS To STEM will showcase outer space with its new high quality Digistar7 projection system, surrounding you in stunning imagery of our solar system and beyond! 

Each program will consist of an immersive movie (from 25-30 minutes in length) and will be followed by a live Q&A. Reserve your seat by ordering tickets below.  Tickets are $10 each. 

*Please note:  There will be no programs on October 6, 7, and 14*

Worlds of Curiosity Fri/5:00PM & Sat/12:00 PM

Worlds of Curiosity dives into the questions, "What it would be like to live on an Earth with no Moon?" or "What would it be like if the Earth was tilted on its side (like Uranus)?" Join Mateo and Dr. Alicia Woods as they explore how our lives would be different on these Earths, talk about other hypothetical planets that could exist, and marvel at the even stranger worlds that astronomers have discovered beyond our solar system.


Sensory Solar System* - Saturdays at 11AM

STARS to STEM Inc., in partnership with The Miracle League of Southeastern Connecticut, is offering a series of sensory-friendly planetarium shows for neurodivergent children and their families. Explore the constellations and planets of our solar system in a live, presenter-led program. In order to preserve a sensory-friendly environment for our guests, we kindly ask that you only purchase tickets for this time slot if you are attending with a neurodivergent family member. 

*We will offer two versions of this program, a low-noise level show and an interactive show where audience members are encouraged to move around and participate.  Oct 21, Nov 4, and Nov 11 are the low noise shows.


Volcanoes of Our Solar System Fri/7:00PM & Sat/2:00PM

Volcanic activity has shaped our Earth for billions of years. Yet, humans have only been aware of volcanic activity on the other worlds of our solar system in recent history. Our planet is covered with different types of volcanoes; many are quite famous and some are unknown. We will explore the volcanoes on Earth using the Digistar 7 projection system in this live, presenter-led program. Then we will then fly to the planets and moons within our solar system to find volcanoes and other forms of geologic activity.


Cosmic Mashups:  Gravity, Galaxies, and Supermassive Black Holes Fri/6:00PM & Sat/1:00PM

Supermassive black holes are found in most galaxies and we're beginning to uncover how the merging of galaxies activates galactic centers. This engaging full dome film was produced by Fiske Planetarium, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences Professor, Dr. Julie Comerford and former graduate student Dr. Becky Nevin through support from a National Science Foundation award.