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STARS to STEM, Inc. moves forward with SCORE

September 11, 2018

The Board of Directors and members of the Advisory Committee convened a special meeting that was facilitated by Mr. Bob Potter, a volunteer from the local chapter of SCORE.  SCORE provides free, ongoing mentoring, and shares real-world advice and know-how*. Bob’s extensive professional experiences include: marketing, communications, new product development with major media companies, and working with a variety of nonprofits.  

The focus of our session was to discuss Best Practices that ensure success for newly-formed nonprofits. While our group gained a lot of new and useful information, we also were able to ask very pertinent questions that were directly related to our corporation’s vision, mission, and goal.  The importance of success metrics, measurement tools, setting priorities per quarter, and sustainability were among the topics discussed.  

STARS to STEM, Inc. looks forward to an ongoing relationship with Bob through SCORE.  We are very grateful to have SCORE work with us toward success in all our endeavors. 

Please be sure to visit SCORE at * http://sect.score.org 

Karen Urgitis, Vice President, STARS to STEM, Inc.