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When did the last total solar eclipse impact Connecticut?  

Solar Eclipse of Saturday, March 7, 1970 - Our last Total Eclipse as seen in Connecticut.  The event was broadcast in color for the first time by CBS News.  The path was similar to the one expected on April 8, 2024.

The eclipse began in the Pacific and had a path of totality that crossed southern Mexico before entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Next, the shadow hit the United States , first crossing over Florida, then through Georgia, then up the Carolinas into Virginia. It grazed Maryland before heading north and slightly out to sea, then left the coast of northeastern United States at Nantucket.

source:  Wikipedia

Additional Videos about Solar Eclipse

Summer Planetarium Series - 2023

Students from East Lyme's Summer Fun Club enjoying the planetarium show with our planetarium specialist Kyra Elliott.

Students learned about NASA's plans for human lunar exploration. The Artemis mission is a multistage mission that will bring humans back to the moon for good.  Following the movie, students learned to identify summer constellations and got to fly and visit the planets of our solar system.

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See Us at Celebrate East Lyme Day  

July 16th - 3-9pm. 

Stars to Stem, Inc will have a table at Celebrate East Lyme Day on July 16, 2022 from 3-9pm.  We will be promoting our mission and goals, while reporting on our progress in attaining those goals.