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The 2022-2023 governing board consists of five voting Directors. Officer positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Advisors include Education and Programming Specialist, Planetarium Technology Specialist, Collegiate Student STEM Liaison, High School Student STEM Liaison, Parent Liaison, and Teacher STEM Liaison. Members of the community volunteer countless hours as they assist in fundraising efforts and bring their various areas of expertise to the team. Four main committees implement the primary operations of the organization.



This committee works closely with the facilities and maintenance team at East Lyme High School to shape the physical character of the S2S site inside the school building. Together they make sure that the facility is an attractive one, conforms to technology and safety standards, is accessible to people with disabilities, and is well-maintained. The committee works closely with the Education and Programming Committee to review vendor bids during the selection process. Committee members bring experience and expertise in the practical aspects of facility upgrades and maintenance.

Facilities Chair (Diane)

  • Organizes site review and develops an upgrade plan consistent with the S2S vision while conforming to the facilities and maintenance concerns of the East Lyme High School

  • Negotiates with vendors and service providers on the practicalities of facility upgrade

  • Monitors progress and ensures that the overall project is on time and on budget

  • Partners with Fundraising Committee to conform to policies and practices for planning and control.

  • Develops and monitors a maintenance plan that meets S2S objectives, aligns with the East Lyme High School’s systems and facilities policies, and ensures excellent up time, safety, and reliability

  • Sets the schedule for meetings – emails schedule to committee members with cc to BOD

  • Reviews and approves committee meeting minutes, forwards to Board of Directors (BOD).


The main purpose of this committee is to organize and implement strategies and plans to generate funds for the initial project launch and continued support of STARS to STEM, Inc. This includes outreach to direct donors, research and recommend grants, and organize fundraisers. The committee presents its strategy to the S2S Board for approval. Energized by the organization’s vision, committee members bring creativity and passion in seeking resources.

In addition, this committee works to develop and implement an aggressive outreach effort to various constituencies in the town and region. This includes organizing public meetings, developing and implementing web-site and social media venues that inform and promote the S2S vision, mission and goal, creating print materials, and notifying news organizations of upcoming events. The committee members are the front line advocates who conceive of creative outreach ideas, develop media and messages that crystallize the S2S vision, leverage existing relationships, listen carefully to feedback, and promote/present positive solutions to potential users and various constituencies in the town and region.

Fundraising Chair (Diane)

  • Recruits committee membership

  • Provides a forum for committee members to present fundraising ideas, prioritizes those ideas, and develops project plans for successful execution

  • Oversees and monitors fundraising events – delegate tasks to members and appropriate committees

  • Encourages committee members to develop core messages, strategies, and implementation plans to deliver compelling S2S messages

  • Oversees and monitor progress in development of collateral and web-based marketing content

  • Delegates tasks to appropriate committee members and other committees

  • Sets the schedule for meetings – emails schedule to committee members

  • Reviews and approves all committee meeting minutes, forwards to Board of Directors (BOD).

  • Submits meeting minutes to BOD secretary.


Members of the Grant Writing Committee draft and submit proposals to apply for financial grants from government departments, foundations and other agencies. The committee chair delegates tasks to each committee member and reaches out to other committees to gather information needed for proposals. Ongoing research of grant opportunities from various donors is conducted to determine eligibility criteria and identify grants that are worth pursuing. When applicable, prepares a number of supporting documents for a proposal, such as cover letter, endorsement letter, document describing how the funds will be used, etc. and will follow up on a proposal and responds to donors’ queries. Clearly communicates in both written and verbal communication, especially in grant proposals.

Grant Writing Chair (OPEN)

  • Establish partnerships with key community organizations and local businesses

  • Solicit major funding from private and public foundations and other government entities as available

  • Identify where individual contributions and matching funds from employers are indicated

  • Study and understand the history, structure, objectives, programs and financial needs of the organization

  • Maintain positive relationships with fund providers and other stakeholders

  • Maintain records and submit reports related to grant opportunities Delegates tasks to appropriate committee members and other committees

  • Sets the schedule for meetings – emails schedule to committee members with cc to BOD

  • Reviews and approves all committee meeting minutes, forwards to Board of Directors (BOD).


This Committee provides oversight of the educational programs and technologies needed for the planetarium project. This involves careful review of vendor proposals for flexibility with curriculum alignment, quality, total cost including maintenance and backup, ease of upgrade, and compatibility with systems within East Lyme High School. The committee keeps abreast of emerging technologies so that the S2S team can anticipate and adapt to ensure the highest quality of experiences for the clientele. Committee members have a good understanding of the K-12 curriculum in science and other disciplines. A focused outreach to higher education and businesses is needed to evaluate needs and to enable programming for a broader audience.

Education and Programming Chair (Leslie)

  • Organizes team to establish curriculum, technology, and program selection criteria

  • Coordinates with ELHS technology team to establish mutually positive relationships

  • Sets the schedule for meetings – emails schedule to committee members, cc to BOD

  • Reviews and approves meeting minutes, forwards to Board of Directors (BOD).