Portable Projection

Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination. Daniel Bell

After careful research for the perfect projection system, the Digistar 7 by Evans and Sutherland, is the portable unit selected for the STARS To STEM planetarium with the order place on August 16, 2021!

Photo of portable projection system.

Using a tablet device, planetarium shows allow active participation from audiences who can interact directly with the unit.

Photo of portable projector.

Portable state-of-the art projection systems are replacing the permanent units allowing more flexibility in room seating configurations. Not only will audiences explore space, but also Earth’s many terrains, the expanse of under the sea, mysteries of the human body, solar energy, hydro-electric energy, nuclear energy, microcosmic worlds, and cultures and regions of our world.

Computing unit of projection system.

Capabilities of a full dome projection system.

Solar System Tour with Digistar 6 by Evans & Sutherland